ALICON SE main purpose is to provide value and make a difference through consulting services on key issues that may have a strategic importance and affect the Company's Business short-term and long-term objectives.

It is the belief and conviction that these two principles, namely, to provide value and make a difference, have a substantial role in building up a long lasting and mutually beneficial business relation and partnership.

The key differentiator of ALICON SE is the conviction that "things can always be improved, and get better” if/when there is applied selected business principles, ethics and positive intent as well as the passion and continuous strive for improvement, for making it better for the people and the environment around and the contribution of value through being different, act and think in unprecedented way and strive to make the working conditions and business outcomes more effective and efficient.

ALICON SE is led by Ike Alisson who has over 20 years’ experience in Sales, Business Development, Deployment and Procurement of Telecom, IT/IoT/Application solutions and services. Ike Alisson experience, qualifications, training and established Business network as well as personal testimonials are listed in details on LinkedIn for further information.